Gig Alert: Dragons of Zynth

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Dragons of Zynth
“No Keep Asunder”
Playing Saturday at 92Y Tribeca
(200 Hudson St., Tribeca)
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When all is said and done and the music critics of the near future look back on the latter '00s to identify trends, chances are they might call this period the “revenge of the African-American rock 'n' roll band.”

Black-fronted groups like TV on the Radio and Twin Shadow are, simply put, killing the rock game right now. Enter into that club Dragons of Zynth, a Brooklyn-based outfit led by twin brothers from Cleveland. The band materialized on the scene with a debut album titled Coronation Thieves in 2007, introducing audiences to their fuzzed-out, soulful and psychedelic sound.

Since then they’ve laid relatively low to work on new material. The result is a track like “No Keep Asunder,” which the band gave exclusively to WNYC before its release. With it’s reverbed-out falsetto vocals, funky bass part and flipped drum beat, it sounds something like a 2011 update of Shuggie Otis’ 1970s-era pysch-soul.