Cop Gives His Account of Sean Bell Shooting

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One of the police officers involved in the shooting death of Sean Bell gave his account of the incident at a NYPD disciplinary trial.

Detective Gescard Isnora, speaking in a matter-of-fact tone,said Wednesday that one of Bell's friends mentioned a gun. Isnora testified at a New York Police Department trial that he heard one of Bell's friends, Joseph Guzman, say, "Go get my gun. Go get my gun." Guzman had previously denied saying anything about a gun.

Isnora said, "It's not something you say playfully or in a joking manner. If you say it, you're going to do it."

Almost five years ago, Bell was shot and killed outside a bar where his bachelor party was held and where police were investigating reports of prostitution. Bell got into his car with two friends, Guzman and Trent Benefield. Five police officers, who thought Bell and his friends were armed, fired 50 bullets at the group. Isnora fired 11 times.

No weapon was found in Bell's car.

The disciplinary proceeding follows a 2008 non-jury trial where Isnora and two others were acquitted of criminal charges.

Another officer facing departmental discipline in the Bell case, Michael Carey, was never charged criminally.

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