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Thursday, October 27, 2011

After marching, demonstrators jammed out in Zucotti Park (WNYC/Arun Venugopal)

The Occupy Wall Street encampment in Zucotti Park has taken criticism from the surrounding community. Lower Manhattan’s Community Board 1 chairwoman Julie Menin discusses the tension. Plus: Egyptian democracy activist Basem Fathy discusses post-revolution Egypt; WNYC’s education reporter and SchoolBook contributor, Beth Fertig, talks about cell phones in the classroom; the October weekly series on cars and driving continues with a conversation about buying new cars; and a call-in for people who don’t vote.

Euro Zone Crisis Solved

Felix Salmon, finance blogger for Reuters, talks about the agreement, reached overnight, to resolve the Greek debt crisis.

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Cell Phones and Classrooms

Beth Fertig, WNYC's education reporter and contributor to SchoolBook, talks about how students and parents deal with cell phone bans in school, and Willyn Webb, educator and co-author, with Lisa Nielsen, of Teaching Generation Text: Using Cell Phones to Enhance Learning describes a few ways teachers can use texting in the classroom.

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Behind the Wheel: Looking Ahead

This month's Brian Lehrer Show series on cars and driving continues with a look at the automotive industry in 2012 with Michelle Krebs, senior analyst at and editor in chief of

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Now the Hard Part

With the OWS protests underway, Egyptian democracy activist Basem Fathy talks about the similarities and differences between Zuccotti Park and Tahrir Square, and the work left to be done.

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Open Phones: Why Don't You Vote?

Voter turnout in New York is abysmal--and we want to know why, what there is to do about it, and why we should all care.

Listeners: If you don't vote, tell us why. Maybe you don't vote because you feel like your vote doesn't matter. Maybe you feel like both parties are the same. Do you want to vote but are not allowed to? Or are you disillusioned with the political process and don't want to participate? Call us up at 212-433-WNYC or text "NYCVOTES" to 30644. 

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Living with Protest

Julie Menin, chairwoman of Community Board 1 in lower Manhattan, discusses how downtown residents are dealing with their new neighbors in Zuccotti Park.

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