The McRib Experiment

A Lopate Show producer wanted to see what all the fuss about the McDonald's sandwich was about. She found out.

For the most part, foodies want nothing to do with McDonald’s, but when it comes to the McRib….well, somehow, it’s inspired what the Associated Press this week called “a cult-like following.”

So Monday’s news that the McRib would be making a 3-week limited engagement appearance at all McDonald’s locations in the US got the foodie blogosphere abuzz. And it got me wondering why so many people love this sandwich.

So off I went to the nearest McDonald’s. My colleagues’ reactions ranged from “Why?” to “Why in the hell would you ever want to eat that?!?! Do you hate yourself?!”


The best way I can describe the taste of a McRib is if a McDonald’s hamburger and a pretty bland breakfast sausage had a baby, you’d end up with the meat part. Add some pretty mild, but not incredibly sweet, barbecue sauce on top. Put it in a bun that has those little specks on it (not sure what to call those). And there you have the McRib.

One of the fundamental hurdles for the McRib is the lack of bones, which underlines the fact that this hasn’t exactly come off a barbecue. But I tried very hard not to think about that.

Still, I see why some people like it so much. Like everything else you can eat at McDonald’s, it’s been designed to be pleasing.


For dessert? A huge bowl of fruit salad.