Alleged Gun Trafficking Ring by Group of NYPD Cops 'Disgraceful' Says Mayor

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Mayor Michael Bloomberg said the gun trafficking ring allegedly orchestrated by New York City police officers will not undermine his mission to get illegal guns of the streets.

"If true it's disgraceful. But let me point out the PD was very instrumental in catching them, and unfortunately when you have an enormous number of people there are going to be a few bad apples," Bloomberg said.

The mayor has long advocated for tighter gun control laws, urging Congress to pass a bill strengthening background checks for gun purchases and helping form the Mayors Against Illegal Guns organization.

He said his administration "is taking every possible step to crack down on illegal guns and continue making the safest big city in the country even safer."

Eight current and former NYPD officers were arrested Tuesday, along with four others, in an undercover FBI sting operation.

Tuesday's announcement comes as the department is expecting more than a dozen officers to be indicted in a ticket-fixing scandal. NYPD officials said they do not believe corruption is on the rise.