Gig Alert: Real Vocal String Quartet

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Real Vocal String Quartet
“Farewell To Spring”
Playing Thursday at Drom
(85 Avenue A. East Village)
Get: Tickets ($10) | Directions

Recently featured on Feist’s new album Metals, the Real Vocal String Quartet is a string group unlike any other out there today.

Yes, they draw on classical, jazz, folk and various international sounds to create a fairly unique, one might say “post-classical” kind of music. But what really separates them from the rest of the quartets floating around is that the four ladies of the Real Vocal String Quartet all sing while playing their violins, violas and cellos — not an easy feat with an instrument tucked under your chin.

The quartet’s self-titled album features a hodgepodge of different styles and sounds, and this track, “Farewell to Spring,” stands out as a winner. The interlocking pizzicato string arrangement, quiet folksy vocals, odd meter, and pretty harmonies add up to a compelling and difficult-to-classify gemstone of music.