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Zuccotti Park Greenmarket Relocates Due to Occupy Wall Street

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Zuccotti Park Greenmarket patrons will have to get their winesap apples, broccoli rabe and hot pear cider on West Broadway, now that the farmers' market has relocated there due to Occupy Wall Street.

On Tuesday morning, farmers set up their stands six blocks away from Zuccotti Park -- on West Broadway, between Barclay St. and Park Place.

Despite a marked increase in foot traffic, vendors who work at the market said that sales had fallen as much as 25 percent during the past two weeks.

Pasang Nepali, a saleswoman for Meredith's Breads, said the protest and the enhanced police presence made it difficult to get produce and products into Zuccotti Park.

"It's very difficult in [the] morning when we load the truck," she said. "We have to move all of the stuff from long away. So evenings, we have to pack up early because of the protest."

Thousands of pounds of food have been off-loaded each week on the south side of Zuccotti Park on Cedar Street. But police barricades, press vans and the protest encampment have made setting up the market there "operationally challenging," according to Michael Hurwitz, the director of New York City’s greenmarkets program, which is part of GrowNYC

Peter Schulick, who is the general manager of Red Jacket Orchards, which also sells its produce at the Zuccotti Park Greenmarket, said he was wary about setting up shop in Zuccotti Park, especially since the park's owner, Brookfield Properties, has vowed to clean the park with support from the New York Police Department, and a clash between protesters and the police seemed imminent.

"I did not want to get caught in the crossfire," Schulick said.

GrowNYC said any move back to Zuccotti Park would depend on how the Occupy Wall Street protest evolved.

The Zuccotti Park Greenmarket at its new West Broadway location is open each Tuesday until December 20.