#2971: Balkan Voices

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The Mystery of the Bulgarian Voices, a mid-80s recording, introduced the wider world to the plaintive, haunting sounds of Balkan singing.  We’ll hear that original recording, and hear its influence in the music of Belgian composer Nicholas Lens and the English rocker Kate Bush.

Then we'll listen to some Bulgarian (and some Macedonian) music sung by Brooklyn's Balkan vocal quartet, Black Sea Hotel.  Plus, something from world music jesters 3 Mustaphas 3, and more.

PROGRAM # 2971, Balkan Voices (First aired on Tues. 8-25-09)





Le Mystere Des Voix Bulgares

Le Mystere Des Voix Bulgares

Erghen Diado, excerpt

Nonesuch 79165

Black Sea Hotel

Black Sea Hotel

Kavali Svirat [2:43]


Nicholas Lens

Flamma Flamma The Fire Requiem

In Corpore [5:00] Hic iacet I [5:41]

Sony 66293
Available as an import at Amazon.com

Kate Bush

The Sensual World

Deeper Understanding [4:38]

Columbia #CK44164
Available at eMusic.com or Amazon.com

Ivan Lantos, Bulgarica Trio + 1 (Bulgarka Jr)

Palestrina Missa Primi Toni

Kyrie Eleison [1:18] Christe Eleison [1:49] Musica Seconda [:51] Credo III [2:50]

Celluloid / Ballon Noir/Lambarena 66951
Out of print, but see www.ivanlantos.com for info

Mariana Sadovska & Kitka

The Rusalka Cycle: Songs Between Worlds

Sirens [5:13]

Diaphonica 20071

3 Mustpahas 3

Soup of the Century

Sadilo Mome [2:48]

Ace Recordings Rykodisk 10195 Reissued on Globe Style and available at Amazon.com OR eMusic.com

Zlatne Uste Balkan Brass Band

In the Center of the Village

Na Khelav, Na Gilavav [4:43]

Azalea City ACCD 9903 www.zlatneuste.org