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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

NPR’s Deborah Amos has just wrapped up a reporting trip to Syria. She’ll discuss the situation in Syria as well as the latest news from Egypt post-revolution. Plus: privately owned public spaces, like Zucotti Park, are all over New York—but how public are they? Today we launch a new project and we hope you’ll help us answer that question. And: 20 years after U.S. Supreme Court Justice Thomas’ confirmation hearings, NPR’s Nina Totenberg reflects on Anita Hill’s role; theater critic for Time Out New York talks about what theater to look forward to; and three local dessert makers discuss what’s sweet in New York these days.

NPR's Deb Amos on Syria and the Arab Spring

Having just wrapped up a reporting trip to Syria, Deborah Amos, who covers the Middle East for NPR, reflects on the trip and also on the latest news from Egypt after the revolution there.

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Privately Owned Public Spaces

As the Occupy Wall Street protests continue, Yolanne Almanzar, reporter for The New York World, discusses a new project about privately owned public spaces like Zucotti Park, and a crowdsourcing project where you help find out how public these public spaces are. She's joined by Jerold Kayden, professor of urban planning and design at Harvard and author of Privately Owned Public Space: The New York City Experience, who explains why privately owned public spaces exist and how they differ from city- and state-owned public parks.

New Project!: Help Us Map and Report on NYC's Privately Owned Public Spaces


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20 Years Later: Anita Hill and the Justice Thomas Confirmation Hearings

Two decades later, Nina Totenberg, NPR legal affairs correspondent, talks about the ripple effects of Justice Thomas' Supreme Court confirmation hearings and Anita Hill's accusations against him.

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Just Desserts

From cheesecakes to cookies, Kim Ima, owner of The Treats Truck and the author of the soon-to-be-published The Treats Truck Baking Book: Cookies, Brownies & Goodies Galore!, Christina Tosi, chef and owner of Momofuku Milk Bar and the author of the about-to-be-published Momofuku Milk Bar, and Alan Rosen, the grandson of Junior’s founder, co-owner of the Brooklyn restaurant, and co-author of Junior's Dessert Cookbook: 75 Recipes for Cheesecakes, Pies, Cookies, Cakes, and More, talk about what makes a great NYC dessert.

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Critics' Picks: Theater

Get ready for the theater with Time Out New York's theater critic David Cote, who shares what he's looking forward to this fall, on and off Broadway.

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POPS Report: Tell Us About New York City's Privately-Owned Public Spaces

WNYC's Brian Leher Show and The New York World are collaborating on a project to map and report on New York City's Privately-Owned Public Spaces, aka POPS. We want to figure out how public these public spaces really are. Through zoning incentives, New York's city planners have encouraged private builders to include public spaces in their developments. Many are in active public use, but others are hard to find, under heavy surveillance, or essentially inaccessible.

With the Occupy Wall Street encampment in Zuccotti Park drawing attention to the regulations and usage of these spaces, we want you to tell us about the POPS in your life. Whether it's parks, plazas, atriums or fountains, find all of NYC's POPS on the map below, then use the form to report on your experience.

Here's How -- Deadline for Submissions is November 9th!

1) Find your space on the map below. You can zoom in to different parts of the city, and click on a particular space to see information such as the owner, the boundaries, and the total area.

2) In the pop-up menu you'll also see a Site ID - a unique ID we've assigned to each space.

3) If you want to report on a particular space, enter the shortcode in the form below and tell us about your experience!

4) That's it! Read some of the response highlights here, and we'll follow up online and on-air in the coming weeks.

If you're on Twitter, you can tweet photos with the hashtag #privatepublic and the name or site ID code for your location.

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