Gig Alert: Jonquil

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“I Know I Don't Know”
Playing Tuesday at Piano's 
(158 Ludlow St., L.E.S.)
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Days aren't always sunny in Oxford, England where the trio Jonquil is from, but there seem to be some serious U.V. rays on the band's latest album, One Hundred Suns.

The band's major chord melodies and skipping uptempo rhythms are reminiscent of tunes from groups like Vampire Weekend, which include ample finger-picking and multi-instrumental jamming. All of the fun and each of the hundred suns in Jonquil's album are on display in "I Know I Don't Know."

On Tuesday, the band will be indulging a mid-afternoon audience in a show as part of the CMJ Music Marathon and Film Festival. Additional Jonquil performances for the working folk will take place later in the week. And if you dig lead singer Hugo Manuel's sound in particular, he'll be playing out his solo act, Chad Valley, throughout the week.