Slow Down for Skeletons

It's not a Halloween decoration. The city's Department of Transportation is hoping the image of a skeleton on an LED sign will encourage drivers to slow down and observe the citywide speed limit of 30 miles per hour.

The DOT is in the second year of its anti-speeding campaign, 'That's why it's 30.'

Assistant Outreach Commissioner Kim Wiley-Schwartz said the city needs to get the message out. "We realize that the group of people who are responsible for the speeding really didn't know the speed limit and when we asked regular New Yorkers what the speed limit was, many of them thought that their wasn't a speed limit."

The DOT is posting speed boards on roads where cars are known to drive too fast. When drivers are going more than 30-miles-per hour the sign displays a skeleton with the words, slow down.

Schwartz said the program is intended to get the word out on the city's speed limit, not to ticket drivers.

Skeleton speed boards currently are stationed at Beverly Road between East 28th and East 29th streets and Dahill Road between 52nd and 53rd streets in Brooklyn; Hillside Avenue between 248th and 249th streets and Utopia Parkway between 67th and Peck avenues in Queens; and Hylan Boulevard between Buffalo Street and Chesterton Avenue in Staten Island.