Trenton Mayor Seeks Federal Funds to Rehire Cops

Trenton Mayor Tony Mack was in Washington, DC on Friday to ask that the city be reconsidered for federal funds to help protect New Jersey’s capital city.

The city missed out on federal funds that would have enabled it to rehire police. The city laid off a third of its force due to budgetary issues.  

Last month, $20.8 million was awarded through the federal Community Oriented Policing Services or COPS grant to cities, such as News Brunswick, Newark, Camden and Vineland, to rehire or hire police.

However, at the meeting with White House and Department of Justice officials, Mack learned there was no emergency funding available to offset Trenton’s recent layoffs. The officials did, however, say that the city’s application, which was strong and complete, will remain active and be revisited when there is a new allocation of funds.

Meanwhile, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and the state legislature have yet to reach a deal that would restore $139 million in special aid to distressed cities.

With the Associated Press