NYC Orders More Budget Cuts

Belts are going to get even tighter. The Bloomberg administration ordered another round of spending cuts to close an anticipated budget gap.

In a memo to department heads Tuesday, Budget Director Mark Page instituted an across-the board-hiring freeze to help achieve $2 billion in cuts over the next two years. Page gave departments a two week deadline. Jobs essential to public health and safety will be exempted on a case-by-case basis.

"We’re looking at extreme economic uncertainty and state and federal governments that are likely to further cut funds they return to the city," Deputy Mayor for Operations Cas Holloway said in a statement. "We’ve preserved services essential to maintaining safety and quality of life to this point through prudent planning and a willingness to make the hard decisions, and we’ll do that again this year."

The city is looking at a predicted $4.6 billion gap next year.

The commissioners have also been asked to submit their plans for trimming 2 percent off of their budgets for this fiscal year and another 6 percent in the fiscal year that begins next July.

It'll be the eleventh time that agencies have undertaken this gap closing process since 2007.

When the cuts are expected to be finalized in November, a mayoral spokesman said all city departments won't all be impacted the same way.

The budget plan approved this summer predicted multi-billion dollar budget gaps in the out years. Officials say Tuesday's memo is part of the strategy to close them.