No-Pressure To-Do List

It's Monday. It's cold. The annual tourist takeover of the city is inexorably ramping up, and you're too broke to buy [insert holiday of your choice] presents anyway. It is, in other words, time for a no-pressure to-do list!

1. Required Reading: "The Systematic Marginalization of Tap Dancing Continues on So You Think You Can Dance." Tap dancer Sarah Savelli lays it out on her new blog, Saravellis Stance. This post has sparked quite a lot of buzz in the tap community, even spilling into the larger dance world a bit. There is, of course, a Facebook page.

2. Mark Your Calendars: Last night I went to an in-progress showing of Target Margin Theater's newest production, "The Really Big Once," which continues the company's rich exploration of Tennessee Williams' life and work. Previews start at the Ontological Theater on April 13, so keep it in mind.

2010 will bring lots of potentially fabulous contemporary theater , including Young Jean Lee tackling "King Lear" at Soho Rep. But first, beginning December 17 at The Kitchen, Nature Theater of Oklahoma has a go at "Romeo and Juliet." Get ready, Willy S.

3. Cancel Tuesday Night Plans: Go to the Chocolate Factory, instead, where The Dream Express has rolled into town for a limited run. I'll be there.

4. Peer into the Art World Peering into the Dance World:'s David Velasco breaks out his 'Best of' List. Agree? Disagree? Talk about it.

5. RSVP: Have you secured your ticket to P.S. 122's holiday bash, which just happens to be the Performance Club's official December outing and ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY? Well, have you???