Gig Alert: Fort Lean

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Fort Lean
“High Definition”
Playing Wednesday at Glasslands Gallery 
(289 Kent Ave., Williamsburg)
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Wearing their hipster irony proudly along with sleeveless tanks and acid-washed jeans, the five members of Fort Lean are delegates of the Bushwickian tribe. Fort Lean's music is decidedly of-the-moment indie, with jangly guitar strumming and beats that are worth spilling your Pabst Blue Ribbon to jump along to.

In this song, "High Definition," it's easy to see that the strains and struggles of any artist are alive in the melodies of the North Brooklyn crowd. People may not yet have coined the term "janglecore" but if they do, it's all fine and good as long as the tight musicianship and smarts of bands like Fort Lean are part of it.

Check out Fort Lean at Glasslands Gallery on Wednesday night or download "High Definition" above.