New Food Journal Focuses on the People Behind the Scenes

A new food journal came online on the first day of autumn, but it doesn't necessarily focus on food.

The "Food Society Journal," created by Wil Edwards, features photos of handwritten essays from all kinds of food workers, from cheese makers to dishwashers.  After many years involved in the food industry, he wanted to share the stories he'd heard from all kinds of food workers. But he wanted the food workers to tell their stories first hand, in long form script.

"People don't really see handwriting anymore," Edwards said. "You get a letter in the mail and, if somebody sent you a beautiful letter, you really cherish that. I don't' cherish my email," he said.

The first issue features two Brooklyn restaurant owners, a cheese maker and a confectioner, telling their own stories, along with photos and other information.

The publication will release four digital issues a year, on the first day of each season.  An annual print journal is also in the works.