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Monday, October 03, 2011

New York Magazine’s national affairs editor John Heilemann discusses politics heading into 2012. Plus: the evolutionary biologist and author, Richard Dawkins, talks about his new graphic science book exploring what we should teach kids about science and the world and why; the pros and cons of banking at credit unions and community banks over the big banks; and two Canadians travel the perimeter of the United States and are here to tell us what they learned.

Politics is Local

USA Today Washington bureau chief Susan Page and New York Magazine national affairs editor John Heilemann discuss New Jersey Governor Chris Christie's impact on national politics.

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What We Know About Occupy Wall Street

Writer and editor of Waging Nonviolence, Nathan Schneider, examines the protests and movement taking place around Occupy Wall Street.

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Credit Unions and You

How do credit unions fit into recent banking headlines, and how do they compare to larger and community banks? Joan Goldwasser, senior reporter for Kiplingers Personal Finance, and Sarah Ludwig, co-director of New York's Neighborhood Economic Development Advocacy Project (NEDAP) explain.

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How We Know What's Really True

Richard Dawkins, evolutionary biologist and author talks about his new graphic science book, The Magic of Reallity: How We Know What's Really True, illustrated by Dave McKean, which explores what we should teach our kids about science, the world and why.

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Digital Contract Woes

New York Times reporter David Halbfinger talks about his recent article and the problems with the Bloomberg administration's wildly over-budget personnel tracking system.

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At The Edges of the U.S.

Canadian writers Wayne Grady and Merilyn Simonds, one the descendent of an American slave, the other educated at an American school in Brazil, write about their trip around the perimeter of the U.S. and discuss their new book, Breakfast at the Exit Cafe: Travels Through America.

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