Gig Alert: The Bangles

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The Bangles
“I’ll Never Be Through With You”
Playing Monday at The Highline Ballroom
(431 W. 16th St., Chelsea)
Get: Tickets ($35) | Directions

Thanks to the worldwide success of the 1986 novelty hit “Walk Like An Egyptian,” The Bangles has been unfairly categorized as a “one-hit wonder” band.

In truth, the all-girl group that started as a punky garage-rock experiment in Los Angeles logged one other No. 1 hit with “Eternal Flame,” and quite a few songs that hit No. 2. (Any "Manic Monday" fans out there?)

Now, the group is back and touring with a brand new album titled Sweetheart of the Sun, that features the song “I’ll Never Be Through With You.” The folsky, alt-pop type of song is quite a bit removed from the production-heavy New Wave sound the band was once known for.

Catch The Bangles on Monday night live at the Highline Ballroom.