Gig Alert: Asobi Seksu

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Asobi Seksu
“Perfectly Crystal”
Playing Saturday at Brooklyn Bowl
  (61 Wythe Ave., Williamsburg)
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Since its debut in 2004, Asobi Seksu has been turning heads with a combination of playful melodies in English and Japanese from singer Yuki Chikudate  and outer-space guitars from partner-in-crime James Hanna.

In nearly all write-ups about the group, the rock and roll micro-genres of “shoegaze” and “dreampop” are invoked -- basically blogosphere shorthand for “lots of reverb and ambient textures.”

On this track, from the 2011 release Fluorescence, there’s plenty of both. Aside from the undulating guitar layers, there’s a a serious pop sensibility lingering in “Perfectly Crystal,” resulting in a track that sounds like it should be coming out from a 1950s radio station located somewhere on the moons of Jupiter.