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Veronica Falls
"Bad Feeling"
Playing Wednesday at Pianos
 (158 Ludlow St., L.E.S.)
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There's some tension and nostalgia hiding behind the hooks in the songs of the U.K. foursome Veronica Falls. Audible echoes of pop-melancholia of yore can be heard on the group's debut L.P. alongside actual echoes in the vocals on the track "Bad Feeling."

The album's lo-fi sensibility is no accident: Veronica Falls re-recorded the album in three days after the first attempt came out sounding over-produced.

A tambourine shivers up the spine of "Bad Feeling," complimenting the song's minor chords and gloomy lyrics. But for any bad feeling or gloom, there isn't a whole lot of doom: vocalist Roxanne Clifford's clear voice and retro backing vocals make the song hugely satisfying to shimmy along to.