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Talk To Me: Mark Morris' Mind in Motion

Mark Morris has spent 30 years changing the landscape of dance. He took the stage in a different way for the Rubin Museum of Art's Brainwave series, which pairs neuroscientists with artists and visionaries in discussions about how the mind works.

Neuroscientist Bevil R. Conway asked Morris about how the choreographer communicates through movement and whether dance is a universal language.

Stream and download the talk here for free.

Bon Mots
On Learning Dance:
"People who aren’t familiar with dancing or with choreography see a show [of dancers] and the question they always ask is ‘How do you know what’s next?’”
On Muscle Memory: “The Botox thing: if you can no longer do the wrinkly smile—you forget what it’s like to be happy.”
On Choreography:
“I’m a little teapot” is how everyone learns a dance to music.  It doesn’t mean that any dance goes with music in a particular way.  There are many ways to transplant, and, you know, f---k-up the sequence of things.  Some of that’s called ‘post-modernism.’”