Cuomo Gives Patterson Props on Gay Marriage Efforts

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Governor Andrew Cuomo has gotten a lot of accolades from gay marriage proponents for legalizing same sex unions in New York, but on Friday he gave credit to his predecessor, former governor David Paterson, who tried, but failed to do the same thing during his time in public office.

Cuomo was a guest on Paterson's afternoon talk-radio show. The two bantered back and forth like old friends when Cuomo interjected that not all of his wins are his wins alone. He said Paterson first trumpeted the issue of same-sex marriage.

"That is an issue that you worked on for many, many years," said Cuomo to Paterson. "And I believe that's one of those issues that evolved to success if you will."

Later on in the interview, Paterson circled back and suggested there were a few more things that he instigated but Cuomo got to finish.

"Well, governor, I will tell you that I counted 17 different measures that I started that you closed this year," said Paterson as Cuomo laughed in the background. "So, what I want to suggest to you is, if you could do that 546 more times in your term, you can pass Mariano Rivera and be the all time closer."

Paterson left office last year and began his radio show three weeks ago on WOR.