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Hatched and Raised in New York City, Chickens Make Their Way to the South Bronx

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With the economy poised on the lip of a double dip, 'a chicken in every pot' might not be feasible. But New York City seems to be inching closer to 'a chicken in every lot.'

Fifteen hens made the trip from the Queens County Farm Museum to the South Bronx on Monday to take up roosts in a volunteer-built coop in Brook Park. These chickens were part of a program at the farm that allows city school kids to incubate eggs and watch them hatch.

The venture was helped along by Just Food's City Chicken project and Friends of Brook Park. Residents of Mott Haven in the South Bronx had applied for a grant from Just Foods to learn how to raise chickens and get help building a coop.

The Brook Park chickens will be cared for by volunteers, each of whom will get a share of eggs when the hens start to lay.