#2961: Psychosounds

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A surprising number of works have been inspired by psychiatry – or more specifically, by the plight of those in need of psychiatric treatment.  We’ll hear some of them.  From Elodie Lauten, listen to selections from her "Two Cents Opera."  There's also music from Peter Broderick's "Falling From Trees" and William Susman's "When Medicine Got It Wrong."  Plus music by Peter Gabriel for the film "Birdy," along with music by Michael Nyman, and more.

PROGRAM #        2961, Psychosounds                                           (First aired on July 16, 2009)                                              





Michael Nyman

The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat

Prologue [2:45]

CBS/Sony 44669
Out of print, but try Amazon.com

William Susman

Music for Moving Pictures

When Medicine Got it Wrong – hospital
hinkley [5:00]

Susman Music #2.
www.susmanmusic.com *

Peter Broderick

Falling From Trees

Falling From Trees – The Dream [4:57]


Western Vinyl WV062

Michael Nyman

The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat

Ending [ 6:05]

See above.

Elodie Lauten

The Two Cents Opera

The Desire & the Doubt [4:50]
Shrink Number 8 [4:52]
The Trickster [4:48]
Crazy Time [3:29]

Private CD.  See www.elodielauten.net for info.

Peter Gabriel


Alone At Night [2:38]
Slow Marimbas, excerpt [2:30]

Geffen Records 24070
womadshop.com OR Amazon.com

Hilmar Örn Hilmarsson & Sigur Rós

Angels of the Universe

Relapse [1:23]
Schiller in China [2:52]

Fat-Cat #01