#3249: New Sounds Live with Shara Worden and yMusic

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Held until now, hear some of the music from the New Sounds Live with Shara Worden (My Brightest Diamond) & yMusic from March of 2011 on tonight's show.  At that concert, Worden wore both her composer and performer hats, treating us to a preview of songs on the  forthcoming "All Things Will Unwind." Highlights from the night will hopefully include live performances of "Be Brave," "There's a Rat," "She Does Not Brave the War," and others, featuring yMusic, percussionist Brian Wolfe, and guest vocals by DM Stith at Merkin Concert Hall's Ecstatic Music Festival.

PROGRAM #3249 New Sounds Live w/Shara Worden (My Brightest Diamond) & yMusic
(First aired on 9/22/11)    





My Brightest Diamond

All Things Will Unwind

Be Brave, excerpt [1:30]

Asthmatic Kitty AKR085

Shara Worden & yMusic, special guests DM Stith, Brian Wolfe, percussion

New Sounds Live @ Merkin Hall’s Ecstatic Music Festival 3/16/11

Shara Worden/My Brighest Diamond: We Added It Up* [4:30]

Skin and Bones [3:56]

Escape Routes* [3:27]

Be Brave* [4:15]

A Paper, a Pen, a Note to a Friend

Ding Dang* [2:30]

There’s a Rat* [4:10]

High, Low, Middle* [3:38]

A Whistle, A Tune, a Macaroon [3:13]

These performances not commercially available.   
*Many of the songs appear on “All Things Will Unwind,”
due out on Asthmatic Kitty on October 18, 2011


Clogs (feat. Sufjan Stevens and Shara Worden)

Creatures in the Garden of Lady Walton

We Were Here [4:22]

Brassland HWY 021