Gig Alerts: Akiko Pavolka & House of Illusion

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Akiko Pavolka & House of Illusion
"Harbor Song"
Playing at:
Barb├Ęs (376 9th St., Park Slope)
Get: Tickets ($10 at door) | Directions

Singer, pianist and composer Akiko Pavolka grew up playing in rock bands in her native Yokohama, Japan, but she eventually developed an interest in jazz and came to the U.S. to study the form. This explains the seamless combination of jazz and pop that Pavolka plays with her longtime band House of Illusion. On "Harbor Song," a tune Pavolka says was inspired by the melancholy and constant change that she feels characterizes port cities, a wistful melody gives way to a grand, emotional climax.

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