UN Speech Roundup: Mexico, Nigeria, Brazil

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Ken Ellingwood, correspondent for the LA Times' Mexico City bureau, discusses Mexican President Felipe Calderon's remarks at the UN yesterday; Jon Gambrell, chief correspondent in Lagos, Nigeria for The Associated Press, reacts to Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan's speech; and Brian Winter, chief correspondent in Brazil for Thomson Reuters, discusses Brazilian president's Dilma Rousseff's opening address.

Did your head of state speak yesterday at the UN? What's your reaction to their speech? Let us know!


Ken Ellingwood,, Jon Gambrell and Brian Winter

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Amy from Manhattan

It took this long for a woman president to be the one to open a UN session?

Sep. 23 2011 12:41 AM
April from Manhattan

Great idea about the pope, Michael. I tried to give you a thumbs up, but inadvertently flagged you. Sorry. Twitter the PaPa and ask him why he doesn't put his ass on the line for once, but more politely. Or email him. Doesn't He have a blog? Online you won't be molested.

Sep. 22 2011 10:45 AM
Andrew from NYC

Brian, you complain about the female President of Brazil not being given a female translator? Why not complain about the male President of Mexico being given a female translator? The fact is that it doesn't matter. Your own uber sensitivity is showing, and it does not help.

Sep. 22 2011 10:39 AM
April from Manhattan

God forbid that Brian cover AIPAC's forcing Obama to reluctantly veto The Palestinian's long overdue bid for statehood. I can't read Obama's mind, but I do know that he hasn't "thrown Israel under the bus" as thankfully-EX mayor Koch ranted. Sara Silverman had to threaten Miami grannies of no more visits unless they vote for Obama. Why wouldn't they? Because of his name? A HIspanic guy who works in my building thinks Obama's a muslim. He's not. But the poor guy used to watch Fox Snooze. The NY Times posted a comment of mine saying roughly this; According to a person at the Foreign Desk , they get pressured by AIPAC to change their coverage of Israel. And their practically non existent coverage of Palestine. One did write an article on the IDF going into palestinian lands at night to search people's houses. He hid there with them during Ramadan, and was in the house when the IDF came. As the family was breaking their fast and were feasting, the man of the house became understandably angry and threw a stone at a soldier, on which the IDF shot him. One good reason why Palestinians won't accept a de militarized state. And I DON'T WANT American boots on the ground on Israel's borders. If that IDF incursion happened by Palestinians in Israel, it would be "terrorism". I support Israel. Jews have been persecuted, and still are everywhere, even in NYC, but not no matter what. Even Mr Lauder, an AIPAC member, regrets his unquestioning support. My words: it delegitimizes Israel AND U.S. (His comment was either on J St or on American for Peace Now sites, both largely Jewish), bot pro peace pro Israel.

I wasn't happy seeing a joint Israeli/ American flag burned in Cairo. Secretary Gates, on his way out the door, when people say what they think, stated that Israel's intransigence on making peace threatens America's security. For more on how AIPAC, buys congress, staffs congress, writes speeches for congress persons, see an article written during W's reign, on the London Review of Books site. It'll be interesting to see if this is deleted. Snow ball's chance in hell of getting read on air.

Sep. 22 2011 10:37 AM

When Mexico had its financial crisis in the early 90's, wasn't it the horrible USA that bailed Mexico out of that mess. Your welcome amigos.

Sep. 22 2011 10:34 AM

Where is the POPE in all of this mess. There are so many chatholic suffering. Why doesn't he go to Juarez and confront the cartels face to face.
The POPE spends all his time in Europe trying to get middle class atheists to see the light. I suppose poor Mexican cannot support the fincacial need sof the church the way Europeans can.

Sep. 22 2011 10:23 AM
Deborah Siner from Brooklyn

I'm surprised Calderon didn't mention the gun issue. We send many, many guns to Mexico, which also supports the drug trade - as if we're trading guns for drugs. There is total silence about this part of the problem.

Sep. 22 2011 10:17 AM

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