Protein Folding, Rock and Rolling

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Andy Borowitz fills in for Leonard Lopate.  He’ll speak with two of the winners of this year’s Lasker Awards on how their discovery of “chaperone assisted protein folding.” Bob Gruen talks about photographing everyone from Tina Turner to the Sex Pistols and the early days of CBGB. Plus, we’ll have our latest Backstory segments.


Andy Borowitz

Lasker Award Winners

Dr. Arthur Horwich, from Yale University, and Dr. F. Ulrich Hartl, from the Max Plank Institute in Germany, won this year’s Lasker Award for Basic Medical Research. They’ll explain their discovery of “chaperone assisted protein folding,” a seminal finding that has allowed many of the modern breakthroughs in molecular biology and biotechnology, paving the way for advances in research into everything from Alzheimer’s Disease to Mad Cow Disease. Their discoveries are now part of the basic tool box scientists use to build experiments that give them a better understanding of the cellular mechanisms that comprise all life.

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Bob Gruen's Rock Seen

Bob Gruen talks about his 40-plus years of taking photos on tour with Ike and Tina Turner to capturing the early CBGB and Max’s Kansas City scene to covering current stadium rockers such as Green Day. Rock Seen, includes favorite photographs from his career, with detailed captions and behind-the-scenes anecdotes, of the Clash, Led Zeppelin, the Rolling Stones, Sex Pistols, Ramones, and more.

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Backstory: What Solyndra Can Teach Us about Green Technology Investment

The bankruptcy of California-based solar-panel producer Solyndra made headlines last month when it was revealed that the company had received $527 million in federal loans and that the Energy Department had later agreed to restructure its government-backed loan in an effort to help the ailing firm. On today’s Backstory, Lisa Margonelli, director of the Energy Policy Initiative at the New America Foundation, explains what lessons the Solyndra bankruptcy can teach us about federal investment in green energy and how countries like Germany and China are bolstering their green energy sectors.

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Backstory: Park51 and Sharif El-Gamal

Sharif El-Gamal, the developer of the Park51 project, talks about the passionate national debate that was sparked last year when the Islamic Community Center and mosque was proposed. Yesterday, Park51 opened its doors.

Frontline tells the story of Sharif El-Gamal and the story of the Ground Zero Mosque controversy. “The Man Behind the Mosque” airs Tuesday, September 27, at 9 pm on PBS.

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