Former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Governor Jennifer Granholm of Michigan served two terms during the financial crisis that caused America’s major car companies to teeter on the brink of bankruptcy. Her plans for education reform, economic revitalization, clean energy, and infrastructure development were sidelined by a perfect economic storm. In A Governor’s Story, she tells how she managed the economic crisis in Michigan, and shares the ideas helping American industry recover nationwide.


Governor Jennifer Granholm

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IMHO, Andy Borowitz is hilarious AND I think Paula Poundstone is funny, too. I also wonder about lacking senses of humor in some NPR audiences

Sep. 21 2011 05:42 PM
Ruth from brooklyn

That's your problem right there. You think Paula Poundstone is funny.

Sep. 21 2011 02:17 PM
Gary from Forest Hills

Does Leonard really hate us that much. Why did he leave that guy as a host. He
really sucks! Who lied to this guy and told him that he's a comedian. Couldn't we get a real comediene, like Paula Poundstone to host.
Even the waitress at a comedy club would've been a better host.

WNYC Please don't bring this guy back. Ever!

Sep. 21 2011 01:57 PM
Roger from nyc

First time hearing her speak, she is 100% more impressive than all the GOP candiddates combined (and I watched the debates, sadly). Jennifer Granholm for president!

Sep. 21 2011 01:28 PM
don from nj

Listening to these two giddy partisans
(no matter what they claim elsewhere) is nauseating.This gov. was no great shakes,and time spent in her state while she was in charge proved that over and over.

Sep. 21 2011 01:24 PM
Edward from NJ

Andy owes Radio Shack managers across America an apology.

Sep. 21 2011 01:24 PM
thatgirl from manhattan

what is gov. granholm's POV regarding current MI governor, rick snyder, and his bright idea of bringing outside consultants as municipal supervisors, solely charged with squeezing money out of already-suffering municipalities--and often outsourcing what few services were being offered by said municipalities?

and wouldn't more people, eventually, be "employable" (or create jobs via entrepreneurialism) with access to better education? seems we're moving backwards with regards to that, and creating more unemployable people.

Sep. 21 2011 01:16 PM
Paul from New York, NY

Michigan imploded due to union power. Companies in Michigan (Detroit) couldn't compete with foreign manufacturers. Granholm voted in by unions, fought for unions. Worst. Governor. Ever. It's hard not to be "most improved job creation" when going from 1 job to 2 is 100% job growth. The same people that voted for her, voted for Kwame Kilpatrick.

Yeah, Jen, tax capital. That'll work!

Why don't you start interview Michigan citizens? I lived in MI from 82 to 05. Family still there. She left a crater.

Sep. 21 2011 01:15 PM

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