Gig Alert: Van Hunt

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Van Hunt
“Eyes Like Pearls”
Playing Wednesday at Southpaw
 (125 5th Ave., Park Slope)
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Van Hunt marches the borderlands between funk and punk, and neo-soul and rock, disregarding musical boundaries and cherry-picking sounds that fit his taste. The result is his latest album, What Were You Hoping For, which showcases a husky falsetto and an easy way of stitching together improbable musical combinations.

What Were You Hoping For lives up to its album title by defying listeners' expectations and offering downbeat lounge grooves alongside gentle piano reflections. On this track, "Eyes Like Pearls," an electric guitar and ever-so-slightly distorted drums flare up under Hunt's ardent verses. The song evokes Lenny Kravitz and has a love story sandwiched between its genre-bending choruses.