#3247: Where Are They Now?

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For this New Sounds, we'll hear music from the late Bo Hansson of Sweden, who was known for his progressive rock record based on the Lord of the Rings, back in the early days of the show (when cavemen roamed the earth.)  However, since then, Hansson had written a string quartet and some lovely choral music besides.  We'll listen to some of these works and revisit German keyboard player and electronic music master Klaus Schulze, sampling some of his classic material and some of his most recent works. 

PROGRAM #3247 Where Are They Now?  (First aired on 9/19/11)    





Bo Hansson

Lord of the Rings (1972)

Selections [9:30]

Edsel 493 / EMI Remastered in 2002. 
Available as an import at Amazon.com*,
or download from iTunes, Emusic.com

Bo Hansson


Psalm 90 [7:20]

Nosag Records  # 103  
or download from Emusic.com

Klaus Schulze


Dune, excerpt [14:45]

Thunderbolt 145 / Several reissues since 2005.  Try Revisited Records
Available at Amazon.com*, iTunes, Emusic.com
Info here: www.klaus-schulze.com

Klaus Schulze / Lisa Gerrard


Liquid Coincidence 1

Synthetic Symphony SPV Recordings 80001270
www.equilibriummusic.com Or
Available at Available at Amazon.com*, or download from Emusic.com, iTunes