Water Main Break Shuts Down Several Subway Lines

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Crew are working overnight to try and restore subway service on the A, B, C, and D lines in time for the morning rush after a water main break Monday. A 94-year old water main broke around 11:00 a.m. under W 106th Street at Central Park West, causing the shut down of the entire B and C lines and curtailed service on the A and D lines. 

While the water gushed, before an emergency crew shut the 30-inch cast-iron water main down at 12:15 p.m., about a third of third of West 106th Street buckled and collapsed. The sidewalks were left slick with mud and a parked SUV had two wheels dangling over a crater that was threatening to swallow it whole.

Department of Environmental Protection spokesman Farrell Sklerov said no one was harmed by the flooding, and no residents in the area were without tap water. But Central Park West has been closed from 104th to 110th Streets, along with many side streets. Construction crews are now jack hammering through the street, trying to reach and repair the damaged pipe.

Water from the ruptured main flowed downhill and flooded subway tracks from 103rd to 125th Street. The 125th Street subway station was under six to eight feet of water.

B and C train service is suspended from end to end. The A train is suspended between West 145th Street and 59th Street-Columbus Circle. D trains are not running between 161st Street-Yankee Stadium in the Bronx and 34th Street-Herald Square in Manhattan.

Shuttle trains are serving riders traveling between 205th Street and 161st Street-Yankee Stadium on the Grand Concourse line.  The 4 train is running to and from 161st Street. Shuttle trains are serving A train customers between 207th Street and 168th Street.

(Photo: MTA crews work to pump up to 10 feet of water off of flooded A, B, C &D tracks./ courtesy of MTA)

C trains running between Euclid Avenue and 168th Street are suspended, and B trains between 145th Street and Brighton Beach are also not running. Uptown trains running on the A line are terminating at 59th Street Columbus Circle.

There is no D service between 161st Street in the Bronx and either Pacific Street in Brooklyn or West 4th Street in Manhattan.

There is no D service between 161st Street in the Bronx and Pacific Street in Brooklyn or West 4th Street in Manhattan.

In addition, service on the F and M lines is being rerouted due to a switch problem near the Queens Plaza station.

Authorities don't know when service will be restored. The MTA reports: "Work crews are on site at the location of the water main to pump out water covering tracks at stations from 103rd Street to 125th Street along Central Park West and St Nicholas Avenue. Four pumps are currently pumping 6,000 gallons of water a minute out of the system to restore service as soon as possible." 

(Photo: A water main break buckles part of W106th Street./ Jim O'Grady for WNYC)