Gig Alerts: William Schuman Award Concert honoring Pauline Oliveros

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Triple Point
"Other Forests"
Playing SATURDAY at: Miller Theatre at Columbia University
(2960 Broadway, Morningside Heights)
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Last May, Columbia University School of the Arts announced that experimental electronic musician Pauline Oliveros had become the first woman to win the school's prestigious William Schuman Award. The prize, which comes in the form of a $50,000 grant, was established "to recognize the lifetime achievement of an American composer whose works have been widely performed and generally acknowledged to be of lasting significance.” On Saturday night, Oliveros, a composer and performer who has worked as a contemporary music pioneer for four decades, will be honored in a special concert which will include a performance by her trio Triple Point. This track, from Triple Point's 2009 album Sound Shadows, features Oliveros on her classic accordion along with special guest multi-instrumentalist Stuart Dempster.

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