Who's Been Giving Money to Rick Perry?

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Here's a rundown of the different industries represented by individuals who contributed to Texas Governor Rick Perry's re-election campaign in 2010, according to the National Institute on Money in State Politics.

1. Oil and Gas: $4,902,958

2. Conservative Policy Groups: $3,081,270

3. Securities and Investment: $2,271,104

4. Real Estate: $1,850,784

5. Homebuilders: $1,776,770

6. Lawyers and Lobbyists: $1,631,339

7. Health Professionals: $1,299,294

8. Automotive: $1,101,073

9. Retired: $874,424

10. Insurance: $861,608


Perry still has to report individual donations, but the game of campaign spending is changing. The emergence of super PACs (political action committees) means there's likely to be a lot of money supporting Perry's presidential bid that doesn't come out of his campaign coffers.

A new super PAC, called Make Us Great Again, has pledged to spend $55 million on Perry's bid for the republican presidential nomination. MSNBC reports that "strategists behind the new Perry super PAC, led by a longtime Perry confidant and backed with infusions of cash from major Perry donors, are preparing to mount a full service political operation — complete with TV advertising, direct mail and social media outreach."