GIg Alert: Zee Avi

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Zee Avi
"Swell Window"
Playing Monday at Highline Ballroom
(431 W. 16th St., Chelsea)
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Just when you thought that the number of young people writing twee songs on ukuleles was getting out of hand, another one comes along to steal your heart.

Zee Avi’s story resembles that of other uke-mavens of today: homemade YouTube video gets seen by famous person (Patrick Keeler of The Raconteurs), fame and fortune soon follow. Except Avi comes from Sarawak, in the conservative Muslim-majority nation of Malaysia, where most women don’t show their hair, let alone get famous for writing love ditties on YouTube.

A quick listen, however, shows that not only has Avi mastered the idiom of the pretty, Jack Johnson-esque beach song, but that she also totes a voice that could sail a thousand ships.