The Process is Political: GOP Touts Big August Fundraising Haul

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'Best Ever' Fundraising Haul for RNC: The Republican Party raised more than $8 million last month, the party's "best ever for an August in a nonelection year." Meanwhile, Reuters reported on Monday that Democrats raised less than that—about $5.5 million according to preliminary numbers cited by a Democratic official.

That would be the lowest monthly haul of the year. Obama and the DNC cancelled some summer fundraisers during the debt ceiling debate. (National Journal)

Bloomberg: No Campaign Laws Broken: "They don't know what they're talking about," New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg said when asked by a reporter about election lawyers who are suggesting that the mayor's last campaign violated campaign rules. Questions about transparency have come up in the course of a criminal investigation of campaign consultant John Haggerty, who goes on trial next week on charges he stole campaign funds.

Haggerty's defense team is alleging that Bloomberg tried to hide payments to the Independence Party, and they city Campaign Finance Board is still investigating. Meanwhile, in California, politicians including Sen. Diane Feinstein say they were victims of the "Madoff of campaign finance treasurers." Politico reported earlier this week that the FBI arrested Democratic political operative Kinde Durkee on September 2 for allegedly stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from a California state assemblywoman. (Wall Street Journal)

WH Emails 'Show Concern' about Loan Ahead of Biden Event : The Washington Post reported on Tuesday that White House staff asked Office of Management and Budget several times about a pending loan approval for a solar panel manufacturer while noting an upcoming press event featuring Vice President Biden.

As the scheduled event near, an aide to former Obama Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel asked in an email "whether there is anything we can help speed along on OMB side." The company, Solyndra, collapsed two weeks ago, the Post reports, leaving taxpayers on the hook for the $535 million loan.

The White House denied there was pressure to approve the loan, and instead said the emails only show "quite active interest" in when OMB would make its decision. Congressional Republicans are investigating the loan's approval. (Washington Post)