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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Four local races are being decided in today’s special election, including the NY-9. Ben Smith of Politico and Colin Campbell of The Brooklyn Politics discuss what the votes will mean. Plus: as the U.S. Postal Service nears default, Congress weighs proposals on how to cut costs and increase revenue; a polygamist family on how they raise 24 children and manage their marriage; the high-end eyewear industry; and the ethics of tech coverage with David Carr of The New York Times

Informal, Unofficial, Thoroughly Unscientific Exit Poll: Special Elections in NYC

Colin Campbell, the man behind the Brooklyn Politics blog, and Ben Smith, senior political writer for Politico, discuss the special elections taking place in the NY-9, 54th AD, and elsewhere in the area.

Did you vote today? Tell us how you voted and why. Phones will be open 212.433.WNYC, or post in the comments below!

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The Future of the US Postal Service

Chair of the Postal Regulatory Commission, Ruth Goldway, explains why the U.S. Postal Service could be facing a shut down and what could be done to prevent default.

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David Carr on Tech Conflicts of Interest

David Carr, media columnist for the business section of the New York Times, discusses the departure of Michael Arrington from TechCrunch and AOL, the ethical fine line in tech journalism, and where niche websites fit into the larger media landscape.

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As Goes Bank of America?

Charlie Herman, business and economics editor for WNYC, looks at Bank of America's decision to downsize and layoff 30,000 workers.

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Polygamous Marriage: Love Times Three

Joe DargerAlina Darger, and Valerie Darger, Independent Fundamentalist Mormons and co-authors, with Vicki Darger and Brooke Adams, of Love Times Three: Our True Story of A Polygamous Marriage, talk about life in a plural marriage and their advocacy work on behalf of polygamists.

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Fatherhood and Testosterone

New York Times science reporter, Pam Belluck, talks about the new study showing a hormonal response to circumstances -- a man's testosterone level drops when he becomes a father. 

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