New Tapes Show a Different Jackie Kennedy, and the Pressures of Being First Lady

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Newly released interview tapes with Jacqueline Kennedy show a very different side to the resilient and charming first lady who gracefully lead America through one of the nation’s greatest tragedies. The tapes, which will be made publicly available tomorrow, show Kennedy as deeply opinionated, angry, judgemental and even, as our guest says, downright "nasty." Do these tapes shed light on a dark side to Kennedy, or, do they reveal a larger story, of the stress and responsibility that comes with being America’s First Lady?

Historian Barbara Leaming, author of "Mrs. Kennedy: The Missing History of the Kennedy Years" and "Jack Kennedy: The Education of a Statesman," talks about what these tapes say about the real Jackie Kennedy.

Listen to extended audio of the Jackie Kennedy tapes below:


Jackie Kennedy in Her Own Words by TheTakeaway