Ex-Cop in Rape Case Acquittal Has Drug Charges Dropped

One of the NYPD officers acquitted of rape charges after helping a drunken woman into her East Village apartment will not face charges of heroin-possession after prosecutors dropped charges Monday.

Prosecutors said ex-NYPD officer Kenneth Moreno stashed two packets of heroin in his police locker that were uncovered during the an investigation into the rape charge.

Moreno and his partner were acquitted of rape but convicted of misconduct. Moreno was sentenced to one year in jail and is currently free. He is appealing the charges.

Prosecutors said Monday that they didn’t see any reason to press charges in the heroin case, since he is already facing prison time.

Moreno shared his locker with five other officers, according to his lawyer, who claims the drugs were not Moreno’s.

With the Associated Press