The Deal with Special Elections

Friday, September 09, 2011

Colby Hamilton, writer for WNYC's city and state politics blog, The Empire, discusses the special election process in New York and how it affects political power in the state.


Colby Hamilton

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Is this presaging a "throw all the bums out" wave election in 2012?

We really do need a party which actually represents the needs and issues of the non-wealthy. Turner is not going to represent this district well -- but, apparently, there's a deep feeling of betrayal by the Dems.

As in: What have you done for all...lately?

And, on the national level, under Obama, Dems haven't done very much that helps people experiencing the bad effects of the Big $h*t Pile Meltdown. And they can see very well that most of the banksters responsible for the Big $h*t Pile Mess are doing extremely well.

So, why vote for the party which betrayed you?

But, whadda I know? I'm from NJ.

Also, let's see how good this pollster is....

Sep. 09 2011 10:55 AM

A way to make special elections truly democratic: get rid of plurality voting and replace it with pairwise-ranking so that it would be viable to allow everyone who can gather petition signatures to run in the election.

As for having a primary for the special election: primaries and special elections have low enough turnout on their own, would anyone turn out for a combination of the two?

Sep. 09 2011 10:54 AM

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