Cuomo Says Tax Cap Will Not Hinder Irene Recovery

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Governor Andrew Cuomo said the 2 percent property tax cap that became law this year will not put a damper on the recovery efforts of local governments after Tropical Storm Irene.

Cuomo said voters can decide to override the cap, as long as they can muster a super-majority to vote 'Yes.'
"A 60 percent vote in that locality can raise the taxes to whatever they want to raise it to," Cuomo said. "If they want to raise their taxes by 20 percent, God bless them." 

Now, the governor he has to make sure the federal agencies like FEMA and the USDA follow through with promised aid.

he said he doesn't yet know how much the state will have to pay for its share of rebuilding after the flood, but does not foresee a need to call the legislature back into session anytime soon to make any changes to the budget.