App Assignment: How 9/11 Impacts Your Life

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For the 10th anniversary of 9/11, The Takeaway is speaking to people from all over the country about their own reflections on the terrorist attacks. For many, the events of September 11th altered their world. How did it change yours? 

We want you to show us how the attacks have impacted your life, ten years later. Is it the member of your family who enlisted? The new security at the train station or airport? Maybe it's a memorial in your home town, or a person you know who will be part of a post-9-11 generation. Take a picture or video, or just send us a clip of audio, and tell us why you're showing us this person, place or thing. You can use our iPhone app, call us at 877-8-MY-TAKE, or email us at You can also upload your own photos below. 

"The story behind the calendar photo goes like this; it was the 2nd day of my son's 1st grade and I thought it would be a great daily event to update the calendar each morning before heading to the bus stop. As you can see we have never updated or moved this calendar, my son is now a Jr in high school. It's been our silent reminder that we see everyday in our kitchen."

( Chris Fields, of Massachusets )