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Friday, September 02, 2011

Brendan Greeley, staff writer for Bloomberg Businessweek, looks at the reinsurance industry and how it assesses catastrophic risks, like terrorism and global climate change in his cover article, "The God Clause and the Reinsurance Industry."


Brendan Greeley

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Watch4 open mind death crypt Confirmation Bias/forces of supernature seeking to bury science.

Example: 1611 Geppetteo used simple puppetools to dig up new/wig out the unfallowable under groundskeepers of Catacombism (deadheads), wherein the Populous was schooled. Geppetteo’s diggin-the-knowledge-up Dude, puppetooler disrupted middle-aged, strung-along audiences. Utterly disthought bourners without uncommon sense perceivement. Entranced by anti-occult truth covetousness, Geppetteo elved into Scientological Aristotling insolence.

Deftly ventriloquisting, "Our understanding-universe isn’t yore centered. Minds must be: freed to skeptical wink, not wooden stiff, status quosimodo-pseudo soothsayings strings sheared."

How4ever Catacombists stood there--underground--noses grewsome, ordered Geppetteo's shop of puppetooled horrible puns sabbaticalized, Minotaured Constantinopley by the sci-file-away new stuff shrew.

Galileo wrote in frustration, "as if... great book of universe... to be read by nobody but Aristotle..."
"work with telescope unleashed...,"
In 1609... instrument... also sold as toy.

Sep. 04 2011 02:35 PM
amalgam from NYC by day, NJ by night

@ gary from queens -

What are those "flawed computer models or the fraudulent temperature readings" again? Oh yeah, they don't exist amongst the entire climate scientist community and their observable, reproducible work based on the scientific method. Again, you're assertions are pointless since there are NO good skeptical analyses that undermines an entire, independent, global class of scientists. Risible.

Sep. 02 2011 11:05 AM
gary from queens

I can't blame Brian this time. he asked the guest 3 times on what basis these insurers believe in the catastrophic warming scenario.

Was it the flawed computer models or the fraudulent temperature readings?

No answer by the pro global warming guest "journolist". Just obfuscation.

Just confirms my doubts about the alarmists

Sep. 02 2011 10:58 AM
amalgam from NYC by day, NJ by night

Because people won't pay higher insurance rates unless those are the going rates. Insurers know that global warming causes climate change and more extreme weather events are and will become more frequent, and since insurers have to pay out when extreme natural events happen, and they don't want to unless they must, they adjust those rates accordingly.

Sep. 02 2011 10:47 AM
Larry from Brooklyn

OK. There are no mangrove trees in Louisiana... it is too far to the north!

What happened in the 1930's was a land reclamation process that was meant to create more land for development toward Lake Pontchartrain (an estuary) and better flood protection. Thus, cypress forests were destroyed. Problem is, the land sank as it compacted bringing it below sea level making it ever harder to protect. It was these area that were hard hit by Katrina. (I am a native New Orleanian)

Sep. 02 2011 10:46 AM
Laura from UWS

Please ask about the 1970s and 1980s when scientists were warning about future. . . .Was the insurance industry listening then?

I wish they had watched "The Unchained Goddess" TV show in the 1950s about global warming!

Sep. 02 2011 10:43 AM
Bruce Cole

It will be interesting to see how Republicans react to climate change validation by market economics via big insurance rather than "merely" science.

Sep. 02 2011 10:40 AM

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