Decade 9/11: NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly

Monday, September 05, 2011

Ray Kelly, NYPD Commissioner, talks about his own reflections on the tenth anniversary of 9/11, and discusses the challenges for first responders on that day.


Raymond Kelly

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Ed from Larchmont

And the number of police/fire persons killed was 343 - add the first two digits to get 73, add the last two to get 37: 1973 Roe v. Wade - the issue behind the 9/11 attacks is abortion.

Sep. 05 2011 03:47 PM
Felix Rospond from Manchester, NJ

I thought the interview w/w the Commissioner was very informative. The issue of the "D" band for first responders leaves some question. What is the likely hood of overwhelming the band in an emergency, and what is to prevent forces inimical to the USA positions from co-opting the band under such conditions.

Sep. 05 2011 12:12 PM
Amy from Manhattan

The NYPD obeys the Constitution? What about the 4th amendment & all those stop-&-frisks without reasonable cause?

Sep. 05 2011 11:21 AM
Ed from Larchmont

As long as we keep killing the unborn, we won't be safe. It can't keep going on.

Sep. 05 2011 11:16 AM
Ed from Larchmont

The first official casualty of 9/11, I understand, was Father Michyl Judge, a Catholic priest. He was a first responder, and it seems the human thing to do to run toward a disaster to help others.

Sep. 05 2011 10:58 AM
gary from queens

How the NYPD Gets Jihad Right
In a world of wishful thinkers, Commissioner Kelly is a realist.
By Andrew C. McCarthy
September 3, 2011

‘Every conspiracy against Islam and scheming against Islam and the Muslims — its source is America.”

“Jihad is Jihad. There is no such thing as commerce, industry, and science in jihad. This is calling things other than by its [sic] own name. If Allah says, ‘Do jihad,’ it means do jihad with the sword, with the cannon, with the grenades, and with the missile. This is Jihad. Jihad against Allah’s enemies for Allah’s cause and his word.”

“Why do we fear the word ‘terrorist’? If the terrorist is the person who defends his right, so we are terrorists. . . . The Koran mentions the words ‘to strike terror,’ therefore we don’t fear to be described with ‘terrorism.’ . . . We are ordered to prepare whatever we can of power to terrorize the enemies of Islam.”

This rhetoric was not at all unusual. It was the sort of thing you’d hear on any given Friday at mosques in Brooklyn or Jersey City. Nor is there anything ostensibly criminal about it, at least according to the hash the Supreme Court has made of the First Amendment.


Sep. 05 2011 10:06 AM

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