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Box Elders
Playing at: Bruar Falls
(245 Grand St., Williamsburg)
Get: Tickets ($6 at door) | Directions

The back story of Omaha's Box Elders sounds like a sub-plot from a John Waters film (if he made movies in Nebraska): Brothers Clayton and Jeremiah McIntyre named the band after the insects that infested their home (scores of them even filled a snare drum). The group began as an indie rock trio with Clayton on bass and vocals, Jeremiah on guitar and vocals, and the brothers' mother on drums and vocals. She left the group after a few months because of family problems and was replaced by Dave Goldberg, who has the strange talent of being able to play drums and keyboards simultaneously. Oh, and Clayton McIntyre often performs in a cape and biker shorts. Fun, right? Box Elders oddball history suits their vintage sound; while this track shows clear markings of '60s pop -- girl group backing vocals and love-centered lyrics -- the thick layer of lo-fi fuzz over the tune hints at Box Elders' eccentricity.

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