New Yorkers Help Catskill Communities Damaged by Tropical Storm Irene

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As clean up efforts continue in the Catskill towns severely damaged by Tropical Storm Irene, residents of New York City are helping out.

Elizabeth Fiechter helped create Catskills Mountain Relief which has set up drop-off sites in Manhattan and Brooklyn where New Yorkers can make donations like water and nonperishable food. 

"What will happen is we have people from the region who are going up to their homes, often every weekend, and of course this weekend, to assess damage and see if their properties are still there and to offer support to their communities," she said. "Those people have been kind enough to say we will pack a truck full and take it with us."

Fiechter recommended that people donate the supplies they purchased in preparation for Hurricane Irene hitting New York City.

Fiechter, an attorney, grew up in the Catskills and still has family and friends living there. She hopes to expand the program nationally to keep aid flowing to the upstate region.