How the Sexual Revolution Came to America

Monday, September 05, 2011

Christopher Turner talks about science, sex, and postwar America. In Adventures in the Orgasmatron: How the Sexual Revolution Came to America, Turner tells the story of the orgone box—which was thought to elevate one’s “orgastic potential”—and its creator, Wilhelm Reich, a psychoanalyst and disaffected disciple of Freud who brought his theories of sexual energy to America during World War II.


Christopher Turner

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James DeMeo, PhD from Oregon, USA

Mr. Turner is traveling the world promoting what is basically a "book of lies". Rumors and empty opinion-making were given precedence over clinical and experimental facts, slander was introduced, and nearly every page is littered with lies-of-omission and half-truths -- the worst kinds of lies, as Orwell noted, as the novice reader won't even know how seriously they are being misled. And nobody in the MSM seems interested to correct such distortions. Neither Turner, nor they, bother to interview any of the professional scientists and clinicians who actually have replicated Reich's scientific work, and who actually know something of fact about it, in spite of their easy availability via on-line websites (though 90% of internet is pure junk when it comes to Reich). Or when they do, those persons are also slandered and misrepresented. So if you believe all what the MSM says about the world, what the FDA and AMA says about human health and medicine, consider nutritional or natural healing methods, acupuncture and homeopathy to be "quackery", never question authority and have no problem with the US government burning scientific books and jailing scientists for daring to defend their findings, then the Turner book and his proclamations will fit nicely within your already manufactured world view. For the rest of us, it just another example of the '100-years war" against Reich's discoveries by the narrow minds of the mainstream -- a shame upon the author, the publisher, and all the media parrots who today gleefully promote such distortions, having their temporary Saint-Vitus-Dance upon Reich's grave. I suggest to read Reich yourself, or the biography of Reich by Myron Sharaf "Fury on Earth". Or my "Orgone Accumulator Handbook" (2010 edition) for an update on the facts.

Sep. 06 2011 03:52 PM
Richard Blasband from Sausalito, CA

The usual distortions and half-truths about Wilhelm Reich. Not worth taking seriously.

Sep. 05 2011 06:08 PM
TD from nyc

For those who might enjoy a more honest presentation of the facts regarding the extraordinary work of Dr. Wilhelm Reich, you might consider to attend the Sept. 24th Monroe Library "Banned Books Week" presentation on the FDA-ordered burning of Reich's scientific books and journals:

Sep. 05 2011 03:05 PM
LS from nyc

given a choice

Sep. 05 2011 01:19 PM
LS from nyc

this was a very disappointing interview. glossing over too many details. it's called an orgone accumulator, not box. reich was interested in scientifically researching the accumulator's long term effects on preventing the formation of tumors and developed a plan to test them over a number of years. simple scientific research, not a cult. in his experiments, he noted shrinking of tumors in terminal cancer patients. the fda shut him down and arrested him for shipping accumulators across state lines. he did not show up for his trial, claiming the courts had no jurisdiction over scientific research. reich said society is always givin a choice, and most often makes the wrong one. we chose nuclear energy over orgone energy....

Sep. 05 2011 01:16 PM

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