Gig Alert: Matt Savage Trio

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Matt Savage Trio
“Big Apple Blues”
Playing Wednesday at Iridium
 (1650 Broadway, Midtown West)
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Matt Savage is the jazz world's Doogie Howser: a precocious composer and pianist who, at 19, is already at work on his ninth album. He first debuted at the Blue Note at age 11, and has since spent a lot of time on some of Manhattan's most famous jazz stages.

"Big Apple Blues" is the first part of Savage's homage to New York called "Big Apple Suite." Like a bike messenger in midtown traffic, Savage zips around on the keyboard along with his swinging trio, all with an ending that gives virtue to the name "jazz hands."

Savage plays the Iridium on Wednesday accompanied by bassist Joris Teepe and drummer Peter Retzlaff. Check out the video below of 12-year-old Savage introducing and performing his piece "Infected with Hemiola."