DJ /rupture's AM JAMZ

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We want to hear what YOU listen to on your commute. Check out today's featured playlist – then submit yours in the comments section below!

Featured Playlist: DJ /rupture

Jace Clayton commutes a lot — just not always to the same place. Clayton travels the globe on a monthly basis, performing live sets and DJing parties from Buenos Aires to Berlin. This particular commute is from his home in Brooklyn to the studios of WFMU in Jersey City where he hosts Mudd Up!, his weekly radio show. 


Start: 45th Street (Brooklyn) 

Stop: Exchange Place (Jersey City) 

Jam #1: These New Puritans - "Attack Music"

Jam #2: Lil Silvio - "Voy Amanecer"

Jam #3: Richard Skelton - "Scar Tissue"

Jam #4: Mohamed Rouicha - "Ktar Hami"

Jam #5: jj - "Let Go"