Gig Alert: Plushgun

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"Just Impolite"
Playing Tuesday at Knitting Factory 
(361 Metropolitan Ave., Williamsburg)
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Synth-pop and proud of it, Plushgun hails from the claustrophobic confines of frontman Dan Ingala's Williamsburg apartment where the post-millenium music business played out in grand fashion: a track goes online, becomes wildly popular and leads to an album. Ingala's jellybean-sweet melodies and hipster-ready lyrics took the band on tour across the U.S. and Europe, as well as Japan. 

Tuesday night, Ingala and his bandmates Taylor Armstrong and Matt Bogdanow are back in Williamsburg sharing the synth-happy stage with Freezepop from Boston. Plushgun's song "Just Impolite" has the electro-twangy hook and cleverly reflective lyrics perfect for an end of summer movie montage.